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Cats on Canterbury is the Boarding Cattery at Just for Cats Vet Care and Grooming

Please telephone 9729 3500 or 0438 938 610 regarding vacancies, bookings or inspection appointments during business hours, or text any time to enquire about vacancies.

Management and Benefits

The boarding cattery is managed and supervised by a veterinarian to ensure the highest quality of care for your cat while it enjoys its stay with us. Each cat is monitored individually.

We are a small cattery so we can focus on the needs of your cats. All cats are monitored and have their own charts to record behaviour, food and water intake, and litter tray output to ensure good health.

We can cater for the care of high need cats that may need additional veterinary care during their stay with us. These include cats requiring daily medication or insulin injections. Elderly or nervous / fussy cats are welcome - we understand cat behaviour and respond to their needs. An additional fee may be incurred for these services.

Food is included in the rates however you may provide your own food if your cat is fussy and used to a set menu. We use good quality food (dry and wet (not fresh meat)) and also Prescription food is available for those cats on special diets.

Long term boarders are weighed weekly to ensure they are not loosing weight or gaining too much weight.


Preference will be given to existing customers who use our clinic for veterinary services and grooming.

All cats coming in to board must be currently vaccinated against Feline Enteritis and Cat Flu (F3Vacc). If required, this is readily available here at our clinic.

All cats over 6 months old must be desexed before coming in to board with us. You can arrange a separate appointment beforehand for this to be done as required.

All cats will be checked prior to boarding. If there is any evidence of fleas, appropriate flea treatment will be applied, the fee for this is $18 to $25.

The first time you board with us, you will need to sign a Boarding Consent Form that permits appropriate treatment for any health condition that arises. We also need details about your cat such as the type of food and the type of litter that it is used to plus its general rountine/demeanor, and health comments about your cat so we can best serve their needs. Emergency contact details are also required.

Admission and Discharge Times

These times are usually in the morning or the late afternoon and by appointment so we have time to speak to you about your cat. Weekend and Publlic Holiday discharges can be arranged.

Cages - A Range of Sizes and Types

There are a variety of cage sizes to suit the activity level of your cat. These include large walk in cages with multiple levels with room enough for 2-3 cats from the same family or a very active younger cat. There are other choices to suit the age and temperament of your cat. A large exercise pen is available for your cat to explore.

Extra Benefits

As the cattery is with a cat only Veterinary clinic minor procedures can be done while your cat is boarding with us such as dental treatment, grooming/clipping - with or without sedation and claws clipped; flea and worm treatment applied. Also, we can administer any ongoing medication your cat may require.


No deposit is required.

Your cat's boarding is charged per day, inclusive of the day of admission and the day of discharge if after 11am.

The standard fee is $25 per day and this includes dry and tin / sachet food, but does not include fresh meat. We have a variety of dry and wet food, including prescription Veterinary food and Science diet dry food to ensure the best health for your cat. Additional fees will apply if medication is required or your cat has special needs. This can be discussed at check-in.

For diabetic cats that require insulin injections or for senior cats that require close monitoring, the fee is $35 per day.

Single day boarding is $35. No minimum stay over Easter or Christmas. In peak holiday season between December 24 and January 2 boarding fees are $30 per cat per day.

Please telephone 0438 938 610 regarding vacancies, bookings or inspection appointments during business hours, or text any time to enquire about vacancies.

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