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Does your cat need grooming or clipping?

Every cat has different fur just like we have different hair types. Fur is made up of a long over-coat strand of fur and a shorter undercoat strand (usuallly more than 1). It is the undercoat fur strand that tends to cause knots and matting. So some cats will have recurring problems especially if they have long fur or a thick coat.

Problems than can occur are the development of matted knots - these clumps of heavily matted fur should be clipped away.  Underneath the skin can become irritated and infections can occur.  Your cat will be uncomfortable when it has matted fur.

At Just for Cats we can help by grooming or clipping their fur. We can clip all or part of your cat, whatever is required. Clipping and grooming is done with or without sedation - whatever is best for your cat, always carried out in a quiet environment so your cat remains relaxed.  Any procedure done without sedation, we prefer the owner to stay to assist with holding and calming the cat.

A general vet check over is included in all grooming and clipping.  Call 0438 938 610 or 9729 3500 for an appointment today.

Why Should Your Cat have a Lion Clip?

A Lion clip is where the fur is clipped short over all of the body, the legs and part of the tail. Your cat will benefit from a clip if it:-

You (the owner) will benefit from this type of clipping if your cat ...

There are variations on the style of a Lion clip so come in for a free assessment and quote and speak to us about your individual needs and your cats comfort.

Please phone first for an appointment.


The fee will depend on the time it takes, the type of fur and the degree of matting or knotting. A more accurate estimate can be given at the time of your appointment.

Clipping and brushing without sedation is between $40 to $90

Clipping and brushing with sedation is between $95 to $150

Lion Clips without sedation is between $95 to $145

Lion Clips requiring sedation is between $175 - $240


Before clipping With a Lion clip (at the old clinic)