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Is your cat not quite 100%. Not their usual self? Not eating or perhaps eating too much and losing weight. Have you noticed your cat drinking more than usual? A change in their usual behaviour? Don't wait until things become serious, call us to discuss any worries you have - 0438 938 610.

  • Is there vomiting, diarrhoea, coughing, lethargy? These symptoms are caused by a variety of reasons. If severe your cat should be seen immediately. If moderate to mild symptoms, recovery should be within 24 hours. If not, it is best to have a check up as sick cats usually appear "well" until the situation becomes very serious.

  • Does your cat appear constipated? Mostly likely it has a bladder problem which can be a serious issue particularly in male cats. Always have your cat checked if you see your cat straining in the litter tray with little or no production.

  • Does your cat use your house as the "litter" tray? This can be a behaviour problem related to anxiety or a medical problem.

  • We give special care to the older cat. Weight loss, increased thirst or change in appetite is not necessarily a natural part of progression to old age. Many of these symptoms have a distinct cause e.g. Hyperthyroidism, for which treatment may be available. Cats older than 12 years need a checkup every 6 months; older than 15 years a check up every 3 months to ensure health problems can be quickly identitied and optimum nutrition ensures a long and happy life. We have packages available for affordable health care for the seniors.

  • Health Care

  • Vaccinations appropriate to your cats individual lifestyle. Your visit will also provide your cat with a general health check and a dental check, advice on worming and flea control and the opportunity to discuss any problems that may be concerning you.

  • F3 Vaccination (Feline Enteritis and Cat Flu) – essential when your cat goes into a boarding cattery, to cat shows or mixes with many cats.

  • Fleas – evidence of fleas can be detected by seeing flea dirt (little black specks) deep in the fur of your cat or in their bedding. Also they are seen scratching (though not always). Warm humid weather conditions are ideal for flea reproduction so flea problems can be seasonal. Treatment is aimed at killing adult fleas and flea eggs and larvae. Tablets and topical applications are available. All pets in your household need to be treated at the same time, even though fleas are not evident on all pets. Washing their bedding daily and vacuuming carpets may be required to control heavy infestations.

  • Worms – most people will not see direct evidence of these. However, if your cat has fleas it will have tape worm. Treatment with an all-worms is best. Tablets and topical applications are available.

  • Micro-chipping –a once off cost to identify your cat for life - one quick injection beneath the skin. Lost or injured cats are easily identified and their owners found. For more information visit the Central Animal Records website

  • Health/Dental examinations. Cats with tartared or damaged teeth and sore gums have an increased risk in developing other health problems particularly with their kidneys and heart. It is best to have regular checks every 6-12 months and have their teeth cleaned under sedation/general anaesthetic where appropriate. Prescription Dental diets are available to keep their teeth clean.

  • Blood tests can be performed for checking health problems.

  • Anxiety – stressful situations – For most people it is difficult to comprehend a cat who sleeps 18 hours a day can be stressed! Situations such as moving house, introducing a new pet; new family member in the home or family members leaving home can lead to such anxiety that it will cause physical health problems – the most common is cystitis. Other signs of stress include excessive grooming leading to bald patches. Helping to alleviate anxiety can be achieved by medication from the Vet or trying Feliway diffuser / spray. For more information see

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